• Big Ideas, Small Crew - The Reality.

    Sparkly Light Productions have just delivered a 1min advert for a corporate client of ours, Migsolv. Good for us, pat on the back and all that, you might think - but what's so unusual about that?  On the surface, nothing.  But look a little deeper, and a minor miracle is revealed.


  • New year, new challenges... and a new filming style

    January has been a busy month for Sparkly Light Productions. We welcomed the new year in from inside an OB truck parked on a piece of undeveloped wasteland on Dubai's Palm Jumeirah resort. Having survived life directly underneath the thunderous explosions from a world record breaking half-a-million fireworks, we returned to the UK ready for new challenges.

  • A Sparkly New Year

    I've worked on some pretty big outside broadcasts: hundreds of cameras, dozens of OB units with the whole world eagerly watching, you know the sort of thing. This New Year's eve, I'll be filming one of the biggest, most spectacular events I've ever been involved with.