posted by Glenn Barton

Its The People That Make It

It's been a long time since Sparkly Light last published a blog.  Six months to be precise.  And what a six months we've had.  We've found ourselves working across Europe from France to Farnborough, Monaco to the Midlands; we've filmed from stage to screen; and no exaggeration to say we've filmed trains, planes and automobiles.

As well as filming inspirational business leaders, we've also had the honour of working alongside some of this country's bravest men and women - veterans from D-Day and more recently from Afghanistan and Iraq.

If that was the last six months, I can't wait for the next six.  But before I look ahead, I've managed to reflect a little on our time as a young production company.  And I find myself coming back to the same thought every time.

At Sparkly Light, we can count ourselves truly blessed to work alongside some of the most talented people within the broadcast, theatre and corporate industries.

What other career enables you to work one day at a secret test track facility, then the next in the middle of a field surrounded by a flock of misbehaving sheep? 

What career allows you the ability to be instrumental in broadcasting some of the most moving scenes of remembrance in recent times, and then find yourself literally shaking from the thunderous after-burners of the Vulcan and Eurofighter as they streak overhead? 

What career will have you filming on stage at the Globe Theatre one day, and then back stage at one of London's busiest airports the next?  And perhaps more importantly, what career enables you to do all of this surrounded by some of the most creative, and technically expert professionals in the business? 

It's one thing for a director to turn up at rehearsals at an unusual location expecting a truck to be there, cameras to be on the end of cables, VT to be plumbed up, and mics to be in position - but it's another skill completely to actually rig it and make it happen. 

It's one thing for a producer to have a 'vision' and cajole those around him to grasp that vision and work with it - but it's another to engineer it together so it actually works. 

Everyone on the team - engineering managers, camera operators, sound supervisors, riggers, VT editors, PSC crews, film editors, runners - all are pivotal.

So, just before we delve head-first into another busy autumn schedule, we at Sparkly Light Productions extend our thanks to all those we have worked with over the last six months, and look forward to working with you again.  We are also excited to work with new colleagues too.

And for those intrigued to see just how the sheep, dogs and handlers coped, look out for Countryfile's, One Man & His Dog next Sunday 28th September, 7pm on BBC1. 

A selection of projects Sparkly Light have proudly worked on since March 2014:

  • Globe Education's Exploring Shakespeare - shortlisted in Drum Awards for Digital Industry
  • Shakespeare's Globe productions of Titus Andronicus, Anthony & Cleopatra, and Duchess of Malfi
  • BBC's D-Day 70th Anniversary coverage
  • BBC's World War One Remembered
  • SiS Outside Broadcast - A Tribute DVD
  • Twende Kazi Tusker Beer Global Challenge, at the O2.
  • London United Buses promotional film
  • Stansted Airport customer experience film
  • MigSolv quarterly promotional films
  • Farnborough International Air Show live coverage of display and stage event
  • BBC Countryfile's One Man & His Dog
  • Invictus Games - Jaguar Land Rover Challenge
  • BBC's Proms in the Park - Glasgow
  • BBC's Scotland Decides: The Dimbleby Interviews