posted by Ian Russell

Early one Tuesday morning...

I attended an event where I had just thirty seconds to talk about Sparkly Light. Thirty seconds to tell a room of 100 strangers what it is we do, how we go about it and what we have achieved. It proved to be a far harder task than I imagined.

There are decades of work to talk about, some of which pre-dates Sparkly Light but still provides many of the foundations for our current work. There are the different platforms we serve, such as internet, television, and cinema. There are the different budgets we work with, from £100's to £1,000,000's.

Then there's our approach. Always looking for a new way to tell a story, making sure the content will be memorable and making use of new technology that will help us.

Finally, there's the wide-range of what we do. News to Art, Science to Sport and Documentary to Drama.

Of course, this introduction to Sparkly Light all had to be achieved within a thirty second speech. At three-words-a-second, that's only 90 words to play with. I thought I'd begin by asking a question.

What is Sparkly Light?

We create corporate films and produce television programmes.

Sparkly Light knows how to tell a story using more than just words.

We have shot drama by candlelight and documentary by starlight.

Sparkly Light is where creativity and technology meet.

We fill computer screens as well as cinema screens.

We help corporations and companies communicate.

We have made wedding videos - of the Royals - and helped broadcast them to the world.

We like a challenge and we are used to deadlines and pressure.

Sparkly Light is always interested in interesting new projects.

We have been at the heart of the News and think Art should be celebrated.

We value our network of accomplished media practitioners.

We are the Sparkly Light from a screen that illuminates, informs and intrigues.

Not too bad for a first draft. Perhaps it's a bit patchy and cliché ridden but most annoyingly, as you may have noticed, it's 40 words too long. And reading it back, I'm also not sure how well it captures what we do or clearly explains the Sparkly Lightapproach to a new audience.

On the morning of the meeting, guided by how others filled their thirty seconds, I took my pencil to the page, crossing out the sentences I thought least important. I'm not going to reveal how I got this down to 90 words but instead, I'll ask you to consider how you might have subbed this draft? And if you do, please let us know what you think are the key points. We'd be grateful to hear your thoughts on how I should have filled the thirty seconds.