• An own goal

    Today, broadcast heavyweights have been slugging out their battles in front of the Commons public accounts committee. BBC managers and guardians, past and present, have been rightly scrutinised to make sure they've been spending the public's license fee money wisely.

  • Tempus Fugit

    It's a good stage of year to be reminded of how time marches on. Those ceaseless, clammy days of summer have already been lost to shorter, cooler autumnal ones.

  • The Globes Henry VI part I on thespace.org

    The Globe's Henry VI part I on thespace.org

    Sparkly Light filmed this Shakespeare's Globe production of Henry VI in Barnet for broadcast live on thespace.org in all three parts, and the first part is now available to watch on demand.

  • The irrelevance of numbers

    This week has been a week of true variety for Sparkly Light. In less than 5 days we've produced, directed and shot a corporate film about the 'Cloud', a 10 hour live Shakespearean webcast, and a taster tape for a BBC Executive.