posted by Glenn Barton

Who says we dont make a difference?

Who says we don't make a difference? 

 You know the saying - "It's only telly. It's not life and death". 

Well that's certainly true. And I've often found myself chanting that mantra during stressful moments of my broadcast career. But of course the flipside to this sentiment is to believe that what we do is pointless providing the world with nothing more than moving wallpaper! 

Well, something happened to me last week that put things into perspective. 

If you've got young children you'll know that last week was one of those weeks in a working family's life when the parents often find maintaining the work-life balance more tricky than normal. Half-term means the kids are around, and as a freelancer who sometimes works from home, it can be a frustrating time. 

When the rain is pouring, you can't really blame the kids for bouncing off sofas, off walls, and off each other until one of them inevitably gets hurt. But the temptation to wade in with the "I told you so"s and the "don't you know I'm trying to work here?"s, has to be resisted. They're on holiday after all - and even though it's too long ago, I can still remember the joy of not having to go to school on a Monday morning. So as a parent, you try not to spoil it for them. 

Anyway - all this rambling is not to provide you with a glimpse into my domestic life- but to share with you the result of a desperate tactic I used in order to keep the family peace. 

I have spent the last few weeks scripting, filming and editing a 60 minute programme for World Book Day. Although not officially available until 6th March (the day itself), I have various versions of the timeline stored away as we wait for client approval. Once approved the programme will launch on the World Book Day website, with an extended version being published for cinema release in Picturehouse cinemas.

Well, when my 5 year old daughter was approaching a particularly loud, 'wall climbing' moment, I asked if she would like to sit at my computer and watch a bit of daddy's work. 20 minutes in and she walked away - but not before she had been absorbed by world renowned children's author Alex T Smith demonstrating how he brings his illustrations of Claude the dog, to life.

About 10 minutes later, my daughter proudly produced a near perfect copy of Claude the dog! 

Naturally biased, I was amazed. But what impressed me most, was not her burgeoning artistic talent (I'm not so sure the Tate will be knocking on our door soon), but more the impact our work had. 

Seeing the immediate effect our work had on it's intended audience was more than satisfying, it was joyous. Something I had been involved in creating, had directly impacted my daughters life. Now that is a proud moment, and one that I won't forget in a hurry. So please, look out for 6h March and our programme online on the World Book Day website, and if you have any children, make sure they watch!